TAZWEED DMCC aims to be among the top suppliers in the field of chemical raw materials by 2025 in the Middle East and Africa.


TAZWEED DMCC is gradually building a mutual trust between its suppliers on the one hand and its customers on the other through strong network ties along with transparent feedback and information.


* Commitment to quality.
* Always seeking customer satisfactions.
* Eager for innovation.
* Transparence ​business relationship with supplier.


TAZWEED DMCC has a strong network and solid background together with ties in international trading (France, Europe, Korea and China). 

TAZWEED DMCC management has more than 25 years of experience in dealing with petrochemical and FMCG industries in different countries (GCC countries, the Levant & Iraq, and North African countries). 

TAZWEED DMCC, by focusing on the Middle East and African markets, has acquired a deep knowledge of the economic, industrial, trading and logistic experiences of these countries. 

TAZWEED DMCC’s major industries are Plastic, Polyurethane, Paint, Construction, Detergent and Consumer Goods. Such a wide range has enriched the services we provide to our customers. 

TAZWEED DMCC’s mission is to provide the best supply to its partners in business, as they are considered part of the TAZWEED family and not just customers.


TAZWEED DMCC is expanding its logistic facilities by adding more office and storage capacity so as to get closer to our partners. 

TAZWEED DMCC is upgrading its IT and financial software with best applications to serve our partners better.

Our Suppliers